December 15, 2015

Frost, cloudy skies, and light snow give the impression that trees, shrubs, perennials, and lawns are getting plenty of water during the winter months. However, Colorado snow is usually dry and provides the equivalent of one inch of rainwater per every 12 inches of sno...

December 1, 2015

When a landscape architect designs a landscape for its clients – taking a vision and developing it through to construction – it is known as the design process.


Understanding the various steps in the design process can help you understand how a professionally designed l...

October 30, 2015

 Beginning and seasoned gardeners alike revel in scattering seeds in fall, anticipating the beautiful blooms that await them not just next spring but throughout growing seasons for years to come. Wildflowers nearly take care of themselves, allowing gardeners to sit bac...

October 15, 2015

 Fall landscape care checklist:

       1. Fertilize lawn

       2. Remove annuals

       3. Cutback perennials

       4. Mulch garden beds

       5. Water shrubs and trees

       6. Protect delicate s...

October 1, 2015


Summer is coming to a close, with autumn -- and its frost and early season snows -- hovering

close by. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to walk away from your garden.


While many blooms have faded and others will wilt with the first frost, there are a variety of annuals...

September 1, 2015

Experience has shown that high altitude gardening is unique and challenging, yet, similar to gardening at lower elevations. The following concepts apply at most elevations and can help ensure the high altitude gardener an enjoyable and positive experience.


The first st...

August 1, 2015

There’s nothing like walking out to your garden and picking your own herbs for homemade spaghetti sauce, salad dressing, or potpourri. Herbs grown at home have so much more flavor and scent than those bought in the produce section or in the dried spice aisle of the gro...